Whether you served in the military, or are just curious about the armed forces, I think we can all agree that people need to be educated about America’s history. Please show your support for our patrons by investing in our program of true, hands-on education and science. Please contribute to our museum and our “Field trip ” program with a generous tax-deductible gift today. Your support keeps us open.

Please help keep the museum open and our “Field Trip” program going. We are a 501 C3 not for profit organization.

If you have an interest in the restoration of vintage military artifacts, you will enjoy being a member of AMMO. We need artists, mechanics, electronics technicians, computer operators, model makers, history teachers, and museum managers.
Volunteer your talents by joining AMMO today. The museum’s regular membership meeting is on the second Saturday of the month. You are invited to meet and get acquainted with our very friendly members. Simply download the PDF membership application and mail email or FAX to The Air and Military Museum of The Ozarks, 2305 E. Kearney Springfield Missouri 65803.

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